Environment Tests

The following tests have been run to determine if MyWebSQL will work in your environment.
If any of the tests have failed, consult the online documentation for more information on how to correct the problem.

PHP Version 7.0.17
Math Library Pass
URI Determination Pass
Database Connectivity Pass
Backup folder location Pass

✔ Your environment passed all requirements to run MyWebSQL.
Please remove or rename the install.php file now .

Database Libraries

At least one of the following is required to use MyWebSQL.

MySQL Client Library MySQL client library is not installed.
MySQL improved functionality Pass
PostgreSQL Client Library PostgreSQL client library is not installed.
SQLite Client Library SQLite client library is not installed.

Optional Tests

The following extensions are not required to run MyWebSQL, but if enabled, they can provide additional functionality.

cURL Extension Pass
cURL is used to check for new version releases every week
OpenSSL & GNU Math Precision Library gmp extension is not available
If present, these libraries provide secure (encrypted) login functionality for MyWebSQL